Saturday, March 8, 2008

They make me happy!

I like squirrels. They make the world go round. Literally. People think the core of the earth is solid iron or something. It is actually a giant shell filled with large hamster wheels and squirrels. Due to overcrowding some squirrels came to the surface many years ago. Probably back when the world was still black and white and not in Technicolor. They are slowly taking over the planet.

Squirrels also power the sun. Those are of the extra-crispy variety. Lightly breaded and then toasted. Squirrel nuggets!

Booya! New poll!

Teh voting is on for how you prefer your toilet paper. Comments for this random poll go here.

Unicorn rating: I give this an 8.3641 out of 10. Out of the blue comes a whole lot of pink.